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Supply yourself with everything you need to create! Shop our painting, drawing, office and studio, crafting and hobby, and kids art supplies sections to find everything on your list. Regardless of your preferred medium, we’ve got you covered since we offer everything from pouring acrylic paints to alcohol-based markers to durable canvas panels—the list goes on and on! Grab everything you need to create craft projects, fine art, personalized postcards, DIY projects, and more. Be sure to use the category, product type, colour, and department drop down menu to find just what you’re looking for! 



What are some stand-out products specific to Arteza? We carry a wide variety of arts, crafts, office, and home supplies designed for artists of all ages. Our alcohol-based markers, known as EverBlend Art Markers, are designed to soon become your absolute favourite art marker. For a wide range of colours, add our EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 144 to your collection; alternatively, we also offer a large selection of EverBlent Art Marker sets available in different tones. If you’re looking to create watercolour paintings without any of the hassle, be sure to try out our Real Brush Pens Set of 48 and/or our Watercolour Pencils Sets. Add more dimension, shine, and shimmer to your paintings with our metallic paints: see our Metallic Watercolour Premium Artist Paint, Metallic Acrylic Premium Paint, Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20, and our Metallic Gouache Artist Paints.



We also offer an impressive selection of canvases, creative surfaces, and paper for artists and crafters. We offer all of the traditional products you need, like 100% cotton stretched canvases, canvas panels, wood panels, sketchbooks, and paper pads—additionally we also carry unique do-it-yourself foldable canvases and paper pads. Our DIY Foldable White Mixed Media Canvas Frame Pads invite painters of all media preferences to create artwork that needs no additional supplies to be framed; simply follow the instructions provided to easily fold your pieces into framed works of art ready to be proudly displayed! To make framing your work a total breeze, and cost-efficient invest in our budget-friendly DIY foldable frame pads:

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic - 20 Sheets

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Watercolour - 20 Sheets

DIY Foldable Canvas Fad, Expert Watercolour - 10 Sheets

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Black, Mixed Media - 20 Sheets



Which art sets or products are ideal for the entire family to use to craft with?

Kids Mixed Media Bundle

Kids Finger Paints, Assorted Colours - Set of 30

Ultimate Scratch Art Paper Kit or Scratch Art Paper Pad Kit

Scratch Notes, Holographic & Rainbow - Set of 404

Wood Slices - Set of 45 + Acrylic Marker Set of 20

Pouring Acrylic Paint, Solar Tones, 118 ml Bottles - Set of 4 + Canvas Panels - Pack of 14

Watercolour Postcards, 100% Cotton - Set of 30 + Woodless Watercolour Pencils - Set of 24



Create countless memories, art pieces, and crafts with the supplies you find through our Shop All Products Collection. We can’t wait to see what you and your loved ones create, be sure to tag us on social media! For inspiration follow us on Instagram, and for easy-to-follow, yet super informative tips and tricks check out our How To videos on YouTube and the articles on our blog. Order everything you need to create limitlessly, while supplies last!