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Paper & Boards

Paper & Boards

Paper & Boards

Make your finest creations on quality art paper. Whether you enjoy sketching or creating realistic pieces with colored pencil, you’ll find the perfect paper for your project here. Each drawing pad comes in a wide variety of sizes and weights so that you can use the techniques you like best. You can also get multipacks so that you’ll always have enough paper for your brilliant ideas. Make sure to grab some pens, pencils, and your favorite drawing paper pad and start creating! 


What is the best paper for drawing? You’ll want a nice smooth surface that’s at least 100 gsm. Of course, if you prefer paper with a texture for the type of artwork you like to create, that’s could create some cool results as well. If you tend to work with colored pencils and like to burnish, you may want a slightly thicker paper just to make sure you don’t color through your paper.


What are the types of paper crafts? You can do everything from create sculptures of paper to quilling. Paper, while delicate, can be such a versatile medium that you can do so much more with than just draw on. Of course you can create unique cards with printmaking skills and your favorite pens. You can also create layered paper art that gives 2D cutouts a 3D look, also paper mache is technically a paper craft as well! Fold up a sheet of paper and you can also create fun origami characters.


Can you draw on cardstock paper? You absolutely can! It’s simply a heavier weight of paper that is typically used for cards since it’s very sturdy. Typically it’s made of wood pulp and you can also find varying weights of cardstock as well. It can also come in acid-free varieties and colors so you can use your favorite dry media on it. 


Bring your ideas to life with your favorite drawing tools and premium drawing paper. Create compositions on drawing paper before transitioning them onto your final surface or make stunning pieces on the acid-free paper. If you like to work with dry media like pens or pencils, quality drawing paper is essential for your workspace. Every good project starts with an idea, and possibly even a sketch so get the art paper you need to start creating.


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