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Cutting Mats

Cutting Mats

Cutting Mats

Protect your surface with a self-healing cutting mat. You’ll be able to find a variety of sizes of the best self-healing cutting mats for your surface. You can get a large self-healing cutting mat that can cover your whole desk or just a small one you can keep on the side for whenever you need it. You’ll definitely want to use a self-healing cutting mat for quilting so when you’re using your rotary cutters so you don’t have to worry about cutting your table beneath your fabric. If you happen to work extensively with craft knives and paper art, this is a good surface use as you cut out those tiny details that scissors can’t reach. Get yourself a self-healing cutting mat, your crafting desk will thank you.


How does a self-healing cutting mat work? These mats are made of a special material that is thick and resists blades from cutting through it. Granted, when you cut, you will see small slashes and indentations from your blade, but you should not be able to go through the mat itself.


How do you treat a self healing cutting mat? In general, you’ll want to make sure you clean off any materials that may have been left behind as you cut. You also want to make sure not to subject your mat to extreme temperatures as it can warp and the mat will no longer be flat. Whenever you can, wipe down your surface with a damp paper towel to keep it dust and debris free. You’ll also want to keep this mat flat because if you roll it or bend it for long periods of time, it could eventually adapt to the bent shape and won’t be able to lay flat anymore.


How long do self healing mats last? They can last a very long time with proper care. This however also depends on the projects you work on and how often you use your mat. Much like a cutting board, once you notice a large amount of cuts in your surface or if your board becomes warped, it may be time to get a new one.


Self-healing cutting mats are a great choice for helping you keep your crafting surface safe from any marks or cuts from your work. If you have a beloved desk or use your surface for multiple purposes, a cutting mat will definitely make sure your surface looks pristine. As you roll your rotary cutter against your quilting ruler, you can be sure that all you’re cutting is your fabric and not the surface beneath. Grab one for your studio today and see what a difference it makes for protecting your surfaces and cleaning up. 


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