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Real Brush Pens®

Real Brush Pens®

Real Brush Pens®

Sketch, draw and paint with Arteza Real Brush Pens. Enjoy the convenience of a pen with the artistic freedom of a brush. You can use these for everything from lettering to painting. Practice calligraphy or colour in your favourite colouring page design with these. The versatility of the flexible nylon brush tip lets you create a variety of strokes ranging from wide strokes to fine details.


Is there paint inside these pens? The Real Brush Pens are filled with water-based ink that’s translucent and perfect for creating the look of watercolour paintings.


What’s the best paper to use these on? These markers perform beautifully on a variety of papers. However if you’re looking to add water to your project, we highly suggest using the Premium Watercolour Pad or the Mixed Media Pad. These papers will prevent your project from warping as you add water.


How do you add water to your Real Brush Pens® design? You can use a brush dipped in water or a refillable water brush pen. In fact, each set comes with one of these refillable brushes so you can unscrew the top, add water, then lightly squeeze the barrel so you can apply water to your piece.


With just a touch of water, you’ll be able to watch your marker drawings turn into beautiful watercolour masterpieces. Add a sprinkle of salt or try out glazing techniques with these pens. You’ll be surprised by all the different effects and techniques you’ll be able to try with Real Brush Pens. Grab a set today and try your hand at creating with these unique pens.


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