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Give your room, restaurant, or home a nostalgic and rustic look with chalkboards. While many people enjoy the use of whiteboards, many people still swear by classic chalkboards. You can use your favourite chalk markers to add a personal touch to your blank slate. When you’re ready to clean them off, simply wipe the surface down with an eraser, damp cloth, or paper towel. These boards are a bold and stylish way to share your message with the world.


What are the best chalkboards? This depends on the uses you have for it. Framed ones are available and may be hung almost anywhere. Magnetic varieties are perfect for business, classroom, and home uses alike, and newer stickers or paints can be used to create decorative boards out of almost anything.


Are they really still used? Yes! They are still used throughout the world today. Some people create stunning artwork on them, while others simply enjoy the feeling of writing on them.


Why do you have to season boards? Seasoning seals the pores in its surface, which prevents any traces of your previous writing from being left on your surface. You can also use a board cleaning set to help prevent these traces from appearing on your board.


You can find a wide variety of multiple sizes and frames nowadays. Whether you’re looking for little ones you can use in your lap or large ones for a classroom, you can find them all on our site. You can also find A-frame signs, simple or decorative frames, magnetic varieties, and even stickers! Write down notes or lists, use one as a decorative sign, or teach a lesson on a classic blackboard, we’re sure you’ll find a board that’ll fit your needs perfectly.


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