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Gouache Paint

Gouache Paint

Gouache Paint

Gouache is the perfect paint choice for artists who love the versatility of watercolour, but also the vibrancy of acrylic paint. These paints offer incredible opacity while still being able to offer the gentle soft colours of regular watercolours. You can use these paints to create eye-catching, full-sized paintings or to add bright vibrant colours to your multimedia art projects. Gouache is capable of completely drying out and then being reactivated with just a touch of water, making them perfect for travellers who like to carry mini palettes and paint on the go.


What is gouache paint used for? Gouache can be used just like watercolours. It can be watered down for light, translucent colours that you can layer to create depth and soft edges in your paintings. You can also use gouache the way you use acrylics. Since it starts out as a thicker opaque paint, you can use the opaque method to create rich colourful works of art. It is extremely versatile, so with a bit of water, you have complete control over the opacity and thickness of your paint.


What paper is best for gouache? The best paper to use with this paint is watercolour paper. Since gouache is water-soluble and can easily be mixed with water for different shades, a thick watercolour paper will provide the perfect surface on which to create your masterpieces! If you prefer to use your gouache using the opaque method, you can also use mixed media paper.


What is the difference between gouache and acrylic paint? Gouache is very similar to acrylic, but there are a few key differences that make gouache a bit more versatile. Gouache is a water paint, so you can allow it to dry out and simply reactivate it with water. Acrylic is a pigment suspended in a polymer, so once it dries it is permanent. You can also thin out gouache and use it like watercolour, where acrylic is not meant to be mixed with water this way. You can buy gouache in just as many colours as acrylic and it is a great option for those who enjoy mixed media art.


If you love to paint but have not tried gouache yet, you should definitely give it a try. You can use this paint to create rich paintings that have the depth of watercolour but the vibrancy of acrylic. Why not pick up a gouache paint set and give it a try? It is always a good time to pick up new art supplies!


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