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Paint comes in many shapes, sizes and, of course, colours. From acrylic to tempera, you'll find the right paint to suit your needs. Giving a set of paint to an artist just starting their journey is a lovely way to encourage them to create. They’ll be able to find every colour they could ever need and they can begin experimenting with mixing custom colours with our comprehensive sets. Let your imagination run free with your favourite paint sets and grab a disposable palette pad too so you’ll have the perfect surface to set up your paints on.


What are the best painting mediums for beginners? Acrylic paints are often considered the best medium for beginners, as they dry quickly and you can cover your mistakes. You can also find them in an array of sets and colours so you can get the colours your need.


What are the different mediums of art? Art mediums can be anything ranging from pens to paints. Some of the most common mediums that are paints are acrylics, oils, gouache, and watercolours. When you use several paints, pens, pencils, or other supplies together this can be considered a mixed media piece.


What are painting mediums used for? A painting medium is something that is typically used to change the texture or viscosity of your paint. For example, some of the mediums you can mix with oil paint are turpentine or linseed oil. There’s something called gel medium that you can mix into acrylics to help you apply it easily to your surface without changing the viscosity. One of the most popular painting mediums people work with now are acrylic pouring mediums so they get the perfect consistency as they pour. Almost every paint has a painting medium you can mix with it to change the characteristics in some way.


Paint is one of the quintessential art supplies in any artist’s collection. Some artists prefer paints over other mediums because they are so versatile and allow you to apply them to a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re looking for completely opaque paints like gouache or transparent and light paints like watercolour paints, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need. Now that you’ve got an idea of the paints we have available, choose your favourite set and set your creativity free!


Whether you're a professional looking to improve your technique, or a beginner practicing a brand new medium, the high quality of our richly pigmented fabric paint, oil paint, craft paint, metallic paint and tempera  paint offer what you need to grow as an artist.


If you’re looking for a paint suitable for practically any and every arts and crafts project be sure to check out our Craft Paints! Our Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set of 20 is optimal for creating artwork that will be used to decorate the great outdoors, your porch, garage, treehouse, or patio. We also sell premium, universal Craft Acrylic Paint which comes in sets of 20, in classic tones, assorted colours, and vintage colours. Children are invited to create freely with our Kids Finger Paints Set of 30. We have a paint set suitable for any arts and crafts project imaginable! 


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