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Whether you’re a crafter, DIYer, or artist, you need a reliable set of adhesives. Our Matter Finish Invisible Tape and White School Glue Bottles provide creatives with professional-grade adhesives. Since our school glue and matte finish tape are certified non-toxic, they’re safe for young artists. Craft with complete confidence in your adhesive thanks to our Matte Finish Invisible Tape and White Glue Bottles! 


Which adhesive set is best for my project? If you’re choosing between our  Matte Finish Invisible Tape and White Glue Bottles, think about the finished product first and foremost. If you want absolutely no sign of your adhesive, our school glue bottles are your best bet. Whereas our matte finish tape does provide a semi-transparent matte finish over the location it is used. Additionally, consider which adhesive you’re more comfortable with; if you never work with glues, perhaps this is your chance to explore a new avenue. Create countless arts and crafts projects using our adhesive sets. 


Can I write on the surface of Arteza’s matte tapes? Our matte tapes feature a smooth writable surface so you can use this set of tapes to label things as well. Our easy-tear and photo-safe premium matte tapes make an absolute must-have for any home, workspace, classroom, or art studio. Set yourself up for creative success by stocking up on 20 rolls of matte tape with our Matte Finish Invisible Tape Pack of 20.


Are Arteza’s school glues suitable for collaging? Our school glues feature a thick formula, which can be used straight out of the bottle or watered down for a wide variety of arts and craft projects, including (but not limited to): collaging, making slime, and glue art. Stay prepared for any creative project that could present itself by keeping our White Glue Bottles Pack of 20 by your side! Our washable and non-toxic school glue bottles make a fantastic addition to any home, classroom, or art studio. 


Regardless of how serious a crafter you are, it's essential to always have a reliable set of adhesives in your set. 

Stock up on all the glue and tape you’ll need with our Matte Finish Invisible Tape 20-Pack and White Glue Bottles 20-Pack!