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Coloured Pencils

Coloured Pencils

Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencils are a fun yet intricately detailed art medium. They can be used to create depth and texture with a wide array of colour tones and values. Using such techniques as blending, layering, and making different types of strokes, you can build a realistic three-dimensional appearance with this one art medium. Adjustments to pressure and angle can also play a part in the finished result. You will enjoy creating professional-level art as you practice using various techniques with the optimum type of pencil.


How do professionals use art pencils? Pressure plays a huge role in getting the desired effect by starting light and building up gradually in layers, as does mixing, which builds complexity and creates depth. Methods of transferring the pencil to paper include scrumbling, which involves curling tight continuous circles to fill in the space; hatching by making close parallel lines; and cross-hatching by adding more lines 90 degrees across the first. Stippling requires patience as the artist makes tiny dots at varying closeness depending on the desired effect.


How do you blend colours using pencils? There are a number of ways to create consistent texture, one of which is burnishing done by applying pressure in thin layers over the artwork using a colourless pencil. There’s also dry blending, the least effective method, which uses tools like blending stumps, paper towels, or tissues rubbed over the colour.


Which are the best coloured pencils? Choosing the best is largely dependent on artist preference, but generally artists will want a core that is break-resistant with high pigmentation, colour that blends and layers easily, and a strong wooden case. Wax-based pencils are terrific for burnish blending and layering. You can buy coloured pencils on Arteza with many of these most desirable qualities.


Our pencils are an excellent choice for both professional and aspiring artists. They have a strong wax-based core and are ideal for blending and mixing. Their high pigment-to-binder ratio makes shading and layering effortless and will make your colouring experience feel smooth and effortless. You can use these pencils for a variety of projects, such as sketching, drawing and even mixed-media, to create beautifully intricate artwork.


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