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Canvas Panels & Pads

Canvas Panels & Pads

Canvas Panels & Pads

Supply yourself with our most portable and lightweight surfaces for both wet and dry media: Canvas Panels and Canvas Pads! At Arteza, we offer a wide selection of both canvas panels and canvas pads for artists, creatives, and DIYers. Canvas pads and canvas panels are ideal for anyone who likes to create while on the go, travels with their art supplies, or is looking for more compact creative surfaces. Our canvas pads and canvas panels are completely non-toxic and acid-free, ensuring your creative surfaces won’t yellow over time. Both our canvas pads and canvas panels are pre-primed with coats of acrylic gesso, making your creative surfaces ready to use the moment you receive them. Create in comfort and with confidence any and everywhere you go, with our canvas panels and pads! Browse this section to find the perfect canvas pad pack and/or canvas panels set.

What’s the difference between canvas pads and stretched canvases? When you think of canvases you likely think of stretched canvases, while stretched canvases are also great, canvas panels are far more compact, affordable, and lightweight. The travel-friendly nature of canvas panels makes them optimal for classrooms, Paint Nights, traveling artists, and creatives low on storage space. Oftentimes, serious painters do their warm up sketches on canvas panels before moving onto a larger stretched canvas. The quality of our 100% cotton canvas panels is simply unbeatable making them ideal for beginners and professional painters. Take your craft to the next level by investing in a set or pack of our pre-primed canvas panels!

What is a DIY Foldable Canvas Frame? Our innovative DIY Foldable Canvas Frames supply artists with canvas paper that is specifically designed to be folded into a framed piece, ready to be proudly displayed. This unique style of canvas pad is ideal for painters of all backgrounds and media preferences. Create works of art that you can showcase in just moments with these must-have canvas pads. Save the extra money you would spend on framing your works yourself by upgrading to our DIY Foldable Canvas Frames. Our white DIY Foldable Canvas Frames come in a 8.5” x 11” 5-Sheet Set and a 9” x 9” 5-Sheet Set. Additionally we offer DIY Black Foldable Canvas Frame 5-Sheet Sets in 8.5” x 11” and 9” x 9”

What are some of Arteza’s most popular Canvas Pads and Canvas Panels?

Canvas Panels, Classic, Square, Multiple Sizes - Set of 28

Canvas Panels, 11” x 14” - Pack of 14

Canvas Panels, Classic, 16” x 20” - Pack of 14

Canvas Panels, Rectangular, Multiple Sizes - Pack of 28

Canvas Panels, 8” x 10” - Pack of 14

Canvas Pad, 9” x 12” 10 Sheets - Pack of 2

DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Black, 8.5” x 11” - 5 Sheets

Stock up on all the canvas pads and canvas panels you’ll need to express yourself, while supplies last.