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Craft Paint

Craft Paint

Craft Paint

Add colour and design to your craft projects with craft paint. This paint is perfect for everything from wooden crafts to ceramic dishes. You can even use craft paint for glass items. Since the paint dries quickly, it’s easy to add multiple coats and paint a design in a solid colour. Any crafter will love having some of this versatile art and craft paint on hand.


What is craft paint? This paint is formulated to adhere to various surfaces such as wood, metal, or plastic. It’s also the right consistency to stay on the sloped or vertical surfaces of a 3D object without running downward unless excessive paint is used. This paint is available in so many colours and shades that you can avoid mixing paints and hoping your colours somehow turn out right. However, you can mix paints to create a unique colour or a blended effect. Since it’s also available in specialty types such as pearl, metallic, or glitter craft paint, you can bring these special effects to any craft you create.


What is the difference between craft paint and acrylic paint? Actually, both are types of acrylic paint. Craft paints are formulated to be thinner and to not hold their texture when applied to surfaces. Regular acrylic tends to hold its shape even with a variety of brush strokes, this is how you’ll see textured brush strokes in acrylic paintings.


What kind of paint do you use on wood crafts? The best craft paint for wood is one that’s formulated especially for use on 3D objects and protects the wooden surface from moisture. However, you don’t need to find a paint made specifically for use on wood. The paint made for general craft projects adheres to wood’s porous surface very well. Once it’s fully dried, it’s also water-resistant and helps to protect your wooden project. Just be sure the surface of your wooden craft item is well-sanded before you begin painting it.


Painting your craft projects is a fun way to finish them. You can use brushes, sponges, stencils, and more. Just be sure to wash the paint from your applicators with soap and water before it dries. Paint designed for crafts is easy to clean up and wash out of your craft paint brushes. Choose your favourite colours, and enjoy painting.



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