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Watercolour Pencils

Watercolour Pencils

Watercolour Pencils

With just a drop of water, make your watercolour pencils look like watercolour paint. These unique pencils colour like your favourite set of coloured pencils, but have a unique water-soluble quality. Add a touch of water with a refillable water brush or your favourite watercolour brush and watch the colour melt into stunning washes of colour. These are also a great transition from traditional dry media like pencils and markers to watercolour paints. Watercolouring can take great control, but with these pencils you’ll learn to get used to working with the flow of paint. Grab a set today and start making watercolour masterpieces instantly.


What are watercolour pencils? These are pencils with a coloured core that is formulated to be able to be used with water. You find them like traditional coloured pencils or you can find woodless versions.   


How to use watercolour pencils? You’ll be able to use watercolour pencils just like a regular coloured pencil. You can sketch, draw, or fill in large areas then you’ll apply water to the specific areas you’d like to blend or you can apply water to your entire piece. There are many techniques you can apply with watercolour pencils, it’s just a matter of what type of effect you’re looking for. 


How do I blend watercolour pencils? If you’re looking to blend the colours with water, you can use any fluffy natural paintbrush or you can use a refillable water brush. If you’re blending them dry, you can blend them just like you would with a regular coloured pencil. You can use a blender pencil or you can lightly layer the colours over each other until you get the desired colour or blend.


Watercolour pencils are the perfect cross of a coloured pencil and watercolour paints. You’ll be surprised by how intuitive it is to start painting with these. When you’re just starting, another good way to test out the way they look is to swatch these pencils and play around with a bit of water. These pigmented pencils can be used in so many ways, they’ll become one of the most versatile tools in your collection. Grab a set of the best watercolour pencils today and start creating!


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