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Travel Cases

Travel Cases

Travel Cases

Bring more organisation to your adventures with Arteza Travel Cases. Perfect for streamlining your art tools, supplies and other bits and bats, art travel cases come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. You can stow pens and pencils all in one place and organise your mediums, so everything is easy to find. Travel cases are also a good way to make sure you don’t forget or lose anything. Whether you like to sketch, draw or paint, our range of travel cases for artists will help you keep organised for art projects on-the-go. Browse our superb collection and get organised today.


How do you store art supplies? When you’re travelling, it is best to store art supplies in a case where they can’t move around. Things like marker pens, paints and brush pens should be securely stored so they don’t spill and ruin other art supplies. An art supply carrying case is a worthwhile investment for artists of any level. Carry cases protect art supplies from potential impacts and they also feature a handle to carry them around easily.


What do artists use to carry their supplies? Artists carry their supplies in cases. If travelling light, they might choose a travel case that fits only the pens and pencils they need, but if it’s a longer trip, they might use a larger carrying case that will hold more items. You should consider using dedicated cases for your markers or pencils, which feature individual slots for your implements. You can quickly see and grab just the marker or pen you need. At Arteza, we even carry a marker case with 144 slots!


What should I put in an art travel case? Your art travel case should contain all of the tools you use to create, be it: pencils, markers, pens, erasers, rulers, sketch pad, ruler, etc. 

Having a lot of pens and pencils crammed into one bag will only cause frustration. If you are a regular traveller, then you’ll appreciate the organisation that a travel case provides. 


Keeping tools organised and creating art on the move is easier than ever with our fantastic range of travel cases. We even carry dedicated marker and pencil cases, to make sure that your tools stay in nice, orderly slots. We know travelling can be disorienting. Thankfully, we have travel cases, pencil cases and marker cases to keep you effortlessly organised—wherever you may roam!