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Oil Paint

Oil Paint

Oil Paint

Capture the texture and beauty of classic paintings with oil paint. Our premium oil paint is thick and vibrant yet easy to control when mixing and layering. You’ll feel like you’re Da Vinci or Rembrandt, creating your next jaw-dropping masterpiece. These paints dry slowly unlike acrylics or watercolours, which gives you plenty of time for blending colours to perfection. Each set comes with 24 colours or you can find bundles with a pack of mini canvases that are primed for immediate use. Choose the best set for you and start painting!


What are oil paints used for? Oil-based paint has a variety of uses that are both decorative and practical. It has been used for centuries as the medium for creating decorative wall hangings, or paintings. Also, they can be used to protect wood and metal structures in homes and other buildings. Their long-lasting, durable properties make oil paints versatile in many indoor and outdoor applications. However, artistically speaking, oil-based paint is the perfect medium for mixing and blending of colours and for reworking the paint as it is applied to a canvas.


What oil is used in oil paints? Oil paints can be made with any kind of nut or seed oil. The most common oil used in oil paints is linseed oil. However, sunflower, soy bean, poppy seed or walnut oil, to name a few, also work well in creating oil paints. Linseed oil, made from flax seeds, is popular because of its resistance to cracking. It has a greater tendency to yellow than the other seed and nut oils, but the other oils are more prone to cracking over time.


Do oil paints last longer than acrylic? Although oil-based paint has a longer drying time than acrylic paint, it is not as lightfast as acrylic. This means that when oil paint is exposed to light it will begin to fade over time, whereas acrylic paint can maintain its vibrancy for many years. Old oil paintings often give off a yellowish cast as the pigment dulls and the colour of the oil binder becomes more prominent.

Get yourself a set of vibrant, highly-pigmented oil paints. These slow-drying and pigmented paints have been a staple in the art world for generations. Whether you’re just starting to paint or have been painting for a very long time, this is a great medium to try at some point in your art journey. 


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