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Watercolour Books & Pads

Watercolour Books & Pads

Watercolour Books & Pads

Make your ideas come to life on watercolour paper. You can choose from watercolour spiral pads, glue-bound watercolour pads, and hardcover watercolour sketchbooks that come in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking for one to keep in your bag or are looking for paper you can use in the studio, we’ve got just what you need. Each sheet is textured and heavyweight so you can be sure that your artwork won’t curl, warp or buckle as you begin to add water to it. Some sheets are also double-sided so you can choose the heat-pressed side or the cold-pressed side. Good artwork starts with good paper, so grab the perfect watercolour pad for your next painting.


What paper is best for watercolour? Picking the best watercolour paper can be challenging but in general, you’ll want to make sure the paper is at least 250 gsm. This is because any paper that is thinner or lighter in weight isn’t as thick and has the potential of warping when you add water. You can find paper made from wood-pulp and cotton-pulp also and depending on what you’re creating, either one is a good choice.


Can you print on watercolour paper? If you’re looking to print from your computer onto a piece of watercolour paper, this will depend on your printer as it is possible the paper may get jammed. However, if you’re looking to use traditional printing methods on this paper, you can definitely do so. The thick paper will be able to handle your printing techniques and won’t bend as you work.


How do you keep watercolour paper from curling? You can keep it sturdily clipped to your surface with anything like a clothespin or a clipboard that comes with clips. You can also tape your paper to your surface. If you do this, make sure to use blue painter’s tape or tape that doesn’t adhere too strongly to the surface. You can even put the tape against your skin or another piece of paper to remove some adhesive before sticking your paper down to your work surface.


Keep a watercolour pad with you as you travel or create plein-air paintings. These durable sheets of paper can handle wet and dry media beautifully so you can use a variety of your favourite techniques on them. The watercolour paper texture will hold on to your media and make sure it looks its absolute best as you create. You can also use tools like Real Brush Pens on this paper so you can get the benefits of both dry effects and wet effects. Also the hardcover sketchbooks are a cool choice for a bullet journal because you can use a variety of paints and techniques in them without getting bleed-through. Get the best paper for your next project and see what you’ll create!


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