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Hardcover Watercolor Book, 14cm × 9cm, 80 Pages

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  • Ideal Weight for Watercolours – This book is watercolour-ready with a sheet weight of 230 gsm and a well-designed texture optimal for painting
  • Cold-Pressed Paper – This watercolour book contains durable, cold-pressed paper with texture and substance that elevates watercolours and preserves artistic creations
  • Fade-Resistant – Each 100% acid-free sheet preserves the vibrancy of your artwork
  • Storage Space – Includes an expandable inner pocket for added convenience

Elevate your watercolour and mixed media paintings with our premium Art Watercolour Book. Our 14 x 9cm premium watercolour books feature 80 sheets of dual-sided paper, offering artists 160 sides of premium-grade watercolour paper to work on. Each sheet of cold-pressed paper is textured brilliantly to provide you with an exceptionally refined surface to work on. The 230 gsm sheets of watercolour paper feature a well-crafted texture which is optimal for painting.  


Our Art Watercolour Books are ideal for watercolour and mixed media; with this premium book you can confidently work with watercolour, gouache, and some acrylic paints, as well as ink, maker, graphite, coloured pencils and pens. Our watercolour art books feature acid-free paper, which is safe for artists of all ages and preserves your artwork. The acid-free paper that fills your watercolour sketchbook won’t warp, buckle, yellow or fade over time. Additionally, each watercolour book features an expandable inner pocket, to store your scrap papers and museum tickets.  


Paint like a professional with our 14 x 9 cm Art Watercolour Book. The professional-grade quality of this watercolour sketchbook will surely impress you as you fill each sheet of thick, heavyweight paper. Regardless of your artistic background, this versatile Art Watercolour Book will help you to level up as a painter. Produce your best paintings to date within our Art Watercolour Book—order yours today!

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