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Art Sets

Art Sets

Art Sets

Our painting sets provide artists everything they need to explore a new medium. Restock your collection with all of your must-haves or try out a new paint style with our painting sets. We offer watercolour, mixed media, acrylics, pouring art, and gouache painting sets all within your budget. Become an even more talented painter with our art paint sets! 


What if I’m new to the medium? The best way to explore a new style of paint is with one of our professional-grade paint sets. In addition to detailed instructions available on the packaging, we are constantly putting out new YouTube videos and articles on our blog to provide you with easy-to-follow how-tos. You have nothing to fear when trying a new medium with any of our well-crafted art sets. 


Which medium is best for me? While there are so many options it can be hard to narrow down which medium will fit your artistic style and background. Acrylic paints offer opaque results and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, traditionally acrylics tend to be the most popular choice among painters. Watercolours on the other hand require a bit more patience and attention to detail, this medium is better suited for detail-oriented artists or artists who prefer semi-transparent effects. If you’re torn between the two, try both out, or get the best of both worlds with gouaches. 


What are gouache paints? Gouache paints are arguably the most versatile paints. Gouaches can be diluted with water to create stunning watercolour effects, with more pigment. Alternatively, you’re welcome to work straight from the tube or palette without adding water to receive opaque results very similar to acrylics. Explore the countless ways you can work with gouache with our Metallic Gouache Painter’s Set. 


Regardless of your artistic background or skill set we have a paint set perfect for you! 

If you’re hesitant towards creating paintings because you’re unsure of the subject matter, we recommend our Pouring Art Starter Kit. Working with pouring paints is known for being a calming art practise  that always delivers beautiful results, without much time needed to create. To stock your studio up with everything you need for an affordable rate, cheque out our Large Acrylic Art Set, Studio Mixed Media Art Set, Extra-Large Acrylic Art Set, and Metallic Mixed Media Art Set.