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Vinyl is a super flexible and versatile material that Arteza offers, enabling you to create wonderful signs, for example, logos, decals, graphics and much more. You can use vinyl on glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic and other smooth surfaces. Perfect for a colour change, use whole sheets to wrap items or create patterns you can cut out. Because it’s self-adhesive, vinyl isn’t messy and with a little practice you’ll be a true vinyl maestro. Secure a set of vinyl sheets today and enjoy getting creative without the mess.


What's so special about vinyl? Vinyl is fully recyclable and eco-friendly. You can use it in your arts and crafts for all kinds of things, from logo and stencil making to wrapping and protective films. Vinyl is used in the automotive trade to wrap entire vehicles in a new colour. It is strong, durable and quite easy to work with, so long as you take your time.


What's the difference between heat transfer vinyl and regular vinyl? Heat transfer vinyl is used on fabrics, while regular vinyl is used on solid surfaces like wood, plastic, metal and composites. You can’t use regular vinyl on fabric because it won’t stick permanently. Heat transfer vinyl bonds to fabric because it is melted on with an iron.


How do you apply heat transfer vinyl? You can use your household iron! A heat press is faster, but not necessary. To apply heat transfer vinyl, heat your iron on the cotton setting with the steam function disabled. Place the vinyl onto your fabric with the transfer paper facing up, and when you are happy with the placement, iron over it. Keep the iron over the vinyl for the recommended amount of time as described by the manufacturer.

You can use self-adhesive vinyl for a wide range of things. Use it to create outdoor signs, window and door decals, graphics and stickers. You can also use vinyl for stencil work and in your DIY projects in place of paint. Vinyl is a strong and durable material. 


Although thin, it is flexible and when heated with a hair dryer, it stretches to form over virtually any shape. You can also use transfer tape to make handling your intricate vinyl patterns easier. Browse our range of vinyl deals and select what you need to get crafty.