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Mixed Media Books & Pads

Mixed Media Books & Pads

Mixed Media Books & Pads

Let your imagination run free on a piece of mixed media paper. These thick sheets of paper allow your creativity to flow because each high-quality surface works with a wide range of both wet and dry media. From breezy brushstrokes of watercolour paint, to deep and heavy charcoal shading, or even something as simple as the lines of a pen or pencil, this paper handles it all. Mix dry media with wet and see where your imagination takes you, all the while knowing that the surface on which you draw on is sturdy and reliable so you don't have to worry. Grab a pad today and test all your favourite techniques today!


What is mixed media paper? These are sheets of paper that are heavier in weight with a surface that is textured so it can accept both wet and dry media. Examples include light painting such as acrylic, different types of markers, inks and pens, pastels, charcoal, graphite, coloured pencils and much more. You can acquire sheets or pads of paper and with endless options of creating anything from greeting cards to collages.


Does this paper work for watercolour? Yes, but not for very heavy usage of water. Remember that this paper works good for light painting because of its weight and texture, but if you are planning to have a heavy ratio of water to paint, you'd be better off using actual watercolour paper. We offer a wide variety of watercolour paper as well, so you can be confident in your creations no matter what type of paper you decide to go with.


Is this paper good for use with oil paint? When working with oil paints, it's best to stay away from paper all together and stick with other surfaces, such as canvas, wood, or metal. Since oil paint is heavier, it requires a stronger surface that won't soak or break down. Mixed media painting paper is not heavy enough to support oil paint.


Using mixed media calls for the right kind of paper to ensure your finished work turns out just how you imagined it. With our generous selection of paper to choose from, you can't go wrong. Whether it's using creating a blended portrait with your favourite alcohol markers, or creating smudgy sketches in charcoal, keep it simple with one style of paper that can handle it all. Get yourself a pad of mixed media paper and start combining your favourite media into stunning artwork.


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