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Tempera Paint

Tempera Paint

Tempera Paint

Keep a set of tempera paint nearby for all your little one’s arts and crafts. These traditional paints have been used for centuries and now we have even more colours to choose from as we create. These matte paints are great for finger painting, painting paper mache projects, or teaching your little one how to work with paint in general. They’re opaque and permanent so they’re a great choice for school art projects as well. Stock your classroom or craft room with these versatile paints and have fun creating!


What is tempera paint? Tempera paint is a permanent paint that’s creamy, blendable, and traditionally was made with eggs. It typically dries matte and has a slightly thinner texture when compared to acrylics making them easier to blend.


What is the difference between tempera paint and washable paint? While both paints are typically water-based, tempera paint will be permanent once dried. This paint is also typically more opaque than traditional washable paints.


How long does tempera paint last? Tempera is permanent once dried but it isn’t considered a light-fast paint. You’ll want to make sure to protect your pieces from light exposure so they’ll have the longest life possible. While it is a quick-drying paint, this paint does come in larger quantities, so you’ll be able to use your set of tempera paints for a long time.


Create a stunning masterpiece with a set of tempera paint. These are the perfect paints to work with before transitioning into working with acrylic paints. Plus you can teach colour theory and how to mix paints properly with these. Also if you’re looking for a paint that dries more matte and has a slightly thinner consistency than your average acrylic, this is a great choice. Your little one will have fun creating like a traditional artist and you don’t have to worry about clean up. Just wash anything that the paint got onto with a bit of warm water and soap. Grab a set today and plan your next artistic project with your little one.


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