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Need a sketchbook? Check out our line of premium sketchbooks and sketch pads for artistic endeavours of all kinds. Our sketchbooks are made of high-quality weights of paper available in light, medium and heavy. Whether you’re using them for sketching, drawing or painting, we have just the sketching paper you need to accommodate your art medium and skill level.


What is the best paper for sketching? Choose sketching paper that is between 70 and 100 gsm (grams per square meter). This is a good weight range for practice sessions or for finished projects in certain media like pencils and charcoal. Also, paper with a smooth texture is best for sketching, because it is not as abrasive on the tips of sketching media as rougher textured paper can be. Our sketch-weight paper for dry media, such as pencils, charcoal and fineliners, is smooth, acid-free and can withstand multiple rounds of layering and erasing.


What is the best GSM paper for drawing? The best GSM paper for drawing is between 100 and 150. Paper in this weight range can be used for finished projects--the paper will resist bleed through and is suitable for a wide range of media, including markers, gel pens and coloured pencils. Also, because of its versatility, this mid-range weight of paper is widely available and economical.


What is the difference between drawing paper and sketching paper? Drawing paper tends to be a heavier weight than sketching paper. Paper between 100 and 150 gsm is good for drawing and dry mixed media, and paper between 70 and 100 gsm is better for sketching. Although you may draw on sketching paper and sketch on drawing paper, heavy-weight paper is often used for finished projects, whereas light-weight paper is often reserved for practice.


Our premium sketchbooks come in a range of weights, from 100 to 130 gsm. You can choose from hardbound and spiral-bound covers in black, blue, grey, pink and brown. You also have a choice of black, white and grey-toned paper that is acid-free and bleed-resistant. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro at drawing, you’ll love having one of these sketchbooks nearby. Grab one today and start planning your next big project! 


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