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Everblend™ Art Markers

Everblend™ Art Markers

Everblend™ Art Markers

Give your art a graphic look with alcohol markers. These vibrant and rich markers come in a wide spectrum of blendable colours. You’ll be able to create seamless gradients and solid areas of colour unlike any other medium. You can even correct mistakes and lift the colour from the page with a clear blender marker. Every illustrator, designer, architect, comic book artist, and hobbyist will want these markers to add to their collection of supplies.


What are alcohol-based markers? These unique markers are filled with alcohol-based ink that consists of vibrant pigments suspended in an alcohol base. The markers are quick-drying and deposit bright translucent ink onto your drawing surface, allowing your piece to be bright and bold.


What are alcohol markers for? You can use these markers for everything from drawing, sketching, and even marbling. Whether you’re filling in a colouring book or creating a realistic portrait, these blendable markers are a great option for whatever project you’re working on.


What paper should I use for alcohol markers? Glossy papers that aren’t too absorbent are a perfect fit for alcohol markers. You can also use our Mixed Media Paper for the best results with the Everblend Art Markers.


Each marker is designed with professional and new artists in mind. These dual-ended markers allow you to replace their tips and feature both wide and fine nibs. The ergonomic triangular barrel will fit perfectly in your grip and allow you to create for as long as you need. Once you’re finished working, replace the cap with a secure snap. You can be assured that your markers will be ready and fresh the next time you need them. Discover what you can create with these versatile and vibrant tools.


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