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Open Stock (Single Colour)

Open Stock (Single Colour)

Open Stock (Single Colour)

Shopping Arteza’s open stock art supplies saves you money, as you won’t need to replace an entire set, rather you can select one unit of paint. Choosing open stock items allows you to purchase the art supplies you need without committing to a large set. As any artist would attest, building up a massive supply cupboard containing things that will never be used is a never-ending battle, especially when supplies are usually sold in sets. We have made life easier by letting you buy many of our products singularly, including a wide range of paints and marker pens. Come and shop from our open stock, as you can top up only the supplies you need and nothing else!


What is open stock? Open stock means a product is a component in a set, so rest assured the quality will be identical to what you'd get when buying an entire kit. If you’ve never tried our brand, then picking from our open stock is a perfect way to test our products. For example, you could purchase just one or two pouches of premium acrylic paint, allowing you to try it without committing to a set first.


Why choose open stock? If you have purchased an art set from us before, you may have found yourself running out of some colours before others. It would be a waste in this situation to buy another set when you only need one or two products. If you like the quality of the Arteza brand and want to stick with it, then our open stock products are a way for you to get just the supplies you need, when you need them.


What products are available? We sell a variety of open stock art supplies, including:

    • Gouache paint
    • Acrylic paint
    • Brush pens
    • Marker pens

All the art supplies we sell are made to the highest quality, and all our open stock products are the same as those sold in our sets.


Whether you are looking for gouache paint, acrylic paint or markers, we sell a wide range of open stock art supplies. You might have already purchased an Arteza set before and want to top it up, or you may be a first-timer here. Either way, all the products we sell in single units are of the same high quality as those sold in our sets—there is no difference. Be sure to browse our art supplies today and grab all the supplies you need to create your best artwork!