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Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens

Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens

Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens

Fineliner pens come in a wide range of colours and are smudge-resistant on any paper. Whether you’re seeking a smooth writing tool or you’re in love with the vibrant colours for artwork, you’ve got to add these into your art supply collection. These pens feature a 0.4 mm tip that allows you to draw and colour with precision unlike any other markers. Coloured fineliner pen sets can include everything from primary colours to pastels.


What are Inkonic™ fineliner pens? Fineliners are a great tool for writing, sketching, colouring, and more. They write as fine as a pen but give you the feel of working with a marker. The tips are 4 mm and are encased in metal to ensure long lasting durability as you work.


What is a Inkonic™ fineliner pen used for? These pens can be used for everything ranging from journaling to graphic design. Students often enjoy these pens for note-taking and utilise the wide range of colours to add excitement to their notes. Artists also use these to create intricate cross-hatching and initial outlines for their pieces.  


How long do Inkonic™ fineliner pens last? The lifetime of a fineliner will depend on several things like how often you use a colour, what you use the pen for and how much pressure you use when you create. The best way to extend the life of your pen is to keep the cap on it when it’s not in use and store them horizontally. On average, your pen should last around a year.


Once you try these pens, you’ll find yourself wanting to collect every colour you can get your hands on. You’ll find collections in sizes of 12 all the way up to 120 so you’ll be able to grab the set with just enough for your projects. Whether you’re using these to create detailed pieces of artwork or designing architectural sketches, these pens can help bring your ideas to reality. 


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