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Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens, Black - 12 Pack

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  • Smudge-Resistant - Create beautiful pieces without worrying about getting ink onto your hands, desk, or project
  • Fit for Everyone - The triangular barrel is perfect for any grip and comfortable for both left and right-handed artists
  • Perfect for Details - Add definition and dimension to your pieces using these Fineliner Art Pens
  • Suitable for Artists - The AP-Certified Non-toxic, water-based ink is bold and safe for any artist


Our premium pack of black Fineliner Pens is the perfect addition to any artist’s collection. This marvellous set includes 12 black ink 0.4mm-tip pens to create detailed drawings, sketches, illustrations and designs. Our black Fineliner pens are water-based, smudge resistant and AP-Certified non-toxic, making them suitable for artists of all backgrounds.


Add definition and dimension to your pieces, in complete comfort, with our Fineliner Pens. Our smudge-resistant ink is quick-drying, ensuring you can create beautiful works of art without worrying about getting ink on your hands, desk, table or shirt sleeves. Our quick-drying fineliner pens are also ideal for left-handed individuals and enthusiastic artists. The triangular barrel on each fineliner pen fits comfortably in both left and right-handed artists’ hands, making this a universal pen set. 


Refine your creations with this set of Black Fineliner Pens. See how essential this pen set becomes to your day to day crafts. Whether you want to add detail to your mixed media pieces, create comic book panels, write notes or create detailed illustrations, our premium fineliner pens can do it all; see for yourself by ordering your Fineliner Pen set today!

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