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Make it easy to review your work with a great set of highlighters. Whether it's studying and taking important notes for an upcoming exam or doing a job search in your local newspaper, having good highlighters makes all the difference and can also help you remember certain words and information when you’re reading.


What are they? There are many different styles of these helpful pens and markers out there these days that can come in an array of colours. Primarily you will find them in fluorescent pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. The best style of tip to have is the chisel tip, which can be a narrow, regular or wide style. This is to be able to make precision highlighting of words. The fluorescent colour makes it easy to quickly find important words and information you need to reference at a later time. The difference between markers and highlighters is that the fluorescent colour of a highlighter jumps out at you making it more visible. The ink is also transparent, ensuring your visibility of what it is you are highlighting.


Are they non-toxic? All of our highlighters are tested and certified as non-toxic to protect you as you work and study. You’ll find a variety of different inks, such as gel, alcohol-based, even bible highlighters with ink that is made to resist bleeding through ultra-thin paper! If you are concerned about the ink you will be using, all you need to do is read the packaging. You’ll be able to see all the certifications and standards we adhere to on the box.


Where can you buy these fluorescent pens? A good place to start your search is when it comes to purchasing art or office supplies. You’ll find a great selection of all the essential tools you’ll need including a wide variety of highlighters.


When it comes to highlighting important words, sentences and information, make sure you have a good set of these pens or markers handy in at least three main colours to keep your references separate and organised. This will make it much easier when you find yourself needing to reference something quickly, while also staying organised and professional.



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