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Coloured Pens

Coloured Pens

Coloured Pens

Coloured Pens are a classic tool for writing. Whether it’s a standard blue ballpoint pen, a 3-colour pen, or a gel ink pen, you always want to have one nearby. Many people have even found that these colouring tools are perfect for adult colouring books. Discover how these pens can add a unique touch to your notes, drawings, journals and planners.


What is a coloured pen? A coloured pen is an instrument with ink of varying shades used for writing, colouring, & more. They are commonly used for:


- Grading paper

- Journaling

- Planners

- Notetaking

- Colouring


You can use fine point pens for colouring, ballpoint pens for notetaking, and pens with a bit of flair for grading papers. You can also find precision Inkonic pens and other unique variations in this category.


What colour pen helps with memory? Studies have shown that blue or red ink can help you remember what you’ve written. These colours help to commit information to memory and are the best for note-taking. Red ink has shown to help individuals be more aware of their actions while studying and taking notes as it reminds them of corrections made by teachers.


What colour pen to use on black paper? White gel ink pens show the best on black paper. Other light-coloured gel ink pens, fluorescent pens, or metallic marker pens are also good choices.


Coloured pens are perfect for adding a bright touch to projects, improve the readability and impact of notes, and add excitement to your pages. Explore all the options available on Arteza for your next project or task. Whatever you’re working on, there is sure to be a coloured pen perfect for the job.


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