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Acrylic Books & Pads

Acrylic Books & Pads

Acrylic Books & Pads

Prepare for your next masterpiece with a reliable pad of acrylic paper. Acrylic paper is the perfect material for your next acrylic paint creation. This paper is more affordable than canvas but tough enough to withstand paint and water without buckling or warping. You’ll always want to make sure you have some acrylic paper in your art studio or craft cupboard. It's also available in pads that you can easily tear pages from. You can use the pages for endless experimentation or remove your artwork from the pad to be framed and put up on the wall. Get yourself a pad today and try the paper for yourself!


What is acrylic paper used for? Acrylic paper is typically paired with acrylic paints. It features a textured surface that allows acrylic paint to adhere to the paper without it being absorbed. Most paper for acrylic painting is developed to mimic the characteristics of canvas or are real canvas sheets bound into a pad. This surface is typically good for practice work, instruction, experimentation and preliminary sketches.


Do I need to prime acrylic paper? No, you do not need to prime acrylic paper. Most high-quality options, such as Arteza acrylic paper, are meant to be painted on directly. Our paper is also acid-free which means you’ll get an archival-quality finish every time. The acrylic paper may absorb some of the moisture and pigment from the paint, but it won’t warp or bleed through.


How to use acrylic paint on paper? You can paint just like you normally would on a stretched canvas or canvas panel. The paper can handle the moisture and weight of the paint so you can use the same techniques you would use on other surfaces. Typically the paper is also textured so it’ll be able to grip the paint as you apply it. 


How do you keep acrylic paper from buckling? To keep acrylic paper from buckling, use paper that is at least 300 gsm. You may want to consider taping your paper to your surface with painter’s tape. Thicker applications of acrylic will dry more slowly, which might cause buckling. The main reason for buckling is excess moisture. This doesn't tend to be an issue with acrylic paint but could cause problems if you add water to rectify mistakes or create washes of paint with lots of water.


What paper is best for acrylic? Paper that has been specifically designed and manufactured for acrylic paint is the best to use. Unlike standard paper, acrylic paper will be much thicker and more textured, which allows your brush and paint to latch onto the surface.


If you're an artist that uses acrylic paint, then acrylic paper is an inexpensive yet equally rewarding alternative to canvas. Get a whole pad of acrylic paper so you can let your imagination run wild without fear of discolouration, buckling or the need to prime beforehand. Acrylic paper is a perfect space-saving solution for studio and you can bring it with you as you travel. Grab a pad today and start creating something brilliant!