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Painting Supplies

Painting Supplies

Painting Supplies

Express yourself with whichever wet media you feel called to explore, from watercolours to acrylics, and everything in between! Our wide selection of paint includes acrylics, gouaches, watercolours, tempera, craft paints, pouring acrylic paints, oil, and fabric paints, available in sets and sold individually through single colour paint tubes and half-pans. Paint by Numbers Kits are ideal for artists of all skill levels, in fact, our Paint by Numbers Kits each include a recommended skill level (easy, intermediate, or advanced) so you can find the perfect painting set for you! We even offer Kids Paint by Numbers Kits for artists ages 5 and up. Whether you’re looking to explore the wondrous world of watercolours, restock your current acrylic paint collection, or try something creatively, we’ve got all your painting needs covered with the wide selection of wet media sets and products we offer. Browse our Paint Collection to find just what you need! 

Which style of paint is best suited for my preferences? 

Acrylic Paints are known for being the most universal wet medium. Our acrylic paints are pigment-packed and super blendable, providing you with the ideal paint for nearly any surface imaginable; though typically artists gravitate towards stretched canvases, canvas panels, and canvas pads. Acrylic paint is beginner-friendly and an overall forgiving medium, since you can easily paint over any mistakes with more paint. Acrylic paint is truly versatile, as it can be used on its own for maximum coverage, or it can be diluted with water to create washes. Some of our most popular acrylic paint sets include our Iridescent Acrylic Paint Set of 10, Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 14, Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 60, and our Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set of 36.

Watercolour Paints are ideal for painter’s who prefer to work on paper, as opposed to canvas or wood surfaces. Additionally, watercolour paints produce gorgeous effects that can be truly captivating. Our Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 36, Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Opaque Colours in Pans Set of 25, and our Watercolour Kit: 36 Colours + 1 Water Brush Pen make wonderful introductory kits for anyone looking to begin their watercolour journey. Sets that are more suitable for intermediate to professional painters include our Metallic Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 24, Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Tubes Set of 60, and our Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Tubes Set of 24. Artists who prefer to paint on the go, or outside from their home or studio will appreciate our Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 12, Empty Half-Pans in Tin Box Set of 24 and our Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Set of 12. 

Gouache Paints provide painter’s with the best of both worlds! Gouache paints are known for being the middle ground between acrylics and watercolours. When used straight from the tube, our gouache paints offer impressive coverage, very similar to acrylic paints. Similar to watercolour paints, our gouache paints can be diluted with water to produce stunning watercolour effects. Gouache paints make a wonderful option for artists who are looking to produce vibrant paintings with watercolour effects! In addition to our Gouache Premium Artist Paint Sets we also carry Metallic Gouache Artist Paints

Oil Paints take longer to dry than acrylic paints providing artists with more time to blend their colours. Our Oil Premium Artist Paint Set of 24 will last you longer than you think since a little goes a long way with this high viscosity paint. Opposite oil paints are Tempera Paints. Tempera paints are washable, making them the perfect paint for children! Set your child up for creative success with our Kids Tempera Paint Set of 16, Kids Premium Tempera Paint Set of 32, or our Kids Premium Tempera Paint Set of 16. 

Craft Paint will come in handy when creating countless arts and craft projects. Since our craft paint is suitable for nearly any surface, you’ll be sure to make excellent use of whichever craft set you add to your collection. If you plan on making craft pieces to display outside, be sure to check out our Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set of 20. For craft projects that include fabrics, your best bet is our Fabric Paint. Transform countless garments, accessories, and fabric surfaces with our premium fabric paint. If you’re looking for a plentiful fabric paint set, add our Fabric Paint Set of 24 to your kit. To create fabric paintings that truly make a statement, invest in our 3D Fabric Paint Set of 60, Metallic Fabric Paint Set of 14, or our Fluorescent, Metallic, Glitter and Glow in the Dark 3D Fabric Paint Set of 30

Arteza’s Pouring Acrylic Paints come pre-mixed and ready to pour! Create countless statement pieces, craft projects, and pour paintings with our high-flow pouring acrylic paints. We offer a wide assortment of pouring acrylic paint sets to choose from, each featuring a unique colour palette. To supply yourself with every colour you could possibly need, order our Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 32

Secure all the paints you’ll need to create limitlessly!