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Iridescent Acrylic Paint, Harmony Tones, 60 ml Bottles - Set of 20



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  • Dazzling Results - These acrylic paints are made of a combination of pigments mixed with pearlescent powder providing artists with shimmering effects
  • Harmony Tones - Our set of iridescent acrylic paints features 20 unique shades of yellow, brown, green, orange, purple, black, blue & pink
  • Professional-Grade Paints - The premium acrylic paints in this set can be used on canvas, paper & wood, allowing for a diverse range of materials to paint on
  • Plenty of Paint - The 60 ml bottles provide artists with more than enough paint to create several colourful paintings & mixed media pieces
  • Non-Toxic - Our AP-certified non-toxic acrylic paints are suitable for artists of all backgrounds & skill levels


Create gorgeous paintings that shimmer in the light and leave your peers speechless with our Iridescent Acrylic Paint Set of 20. This premium paint set features (20) 60 ml iridescent acrylic paint bottles. This acrylic paint set offers artists versatility in their canvas and their colours. Our acrylic paints can be used on canvas panels, wood slices, mixed media paper, acrylic painting paper and more. 


The iridescent colour of our Acrylic Paint makes this set really unique. Our premium set of 20 acrylic paints comes complete with fun, multi-dimensional colours that grab anyone's attention. Each of the paints featured in this harmonious set is AP-certified non-toxic. Use our harmony-toned iridescent acrylic paints to bring your artistic vision to fruition. 


Allow your artwork to shine by ordering your set of 20 Iridescent Acrylic Paints. Whether you are just learning how to paint with acrylics or consider yourself a professional, this set will assist you in elevating your craft. Paint your way to peace of mind by upgrading to our must-have Iridescent Acrylic Paints set!

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