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Gouache Paint, 12ml Tubes - Set of 60

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  • 60 Unique Shades - Create a range of colour schemes, combinations, and themes with this wide colour variety
  • Easily Blends & Layers - Achieve a matte finish using a dry brush or add semi-transparent washes by mixing in a few drops of water
  • Easy-to-Squeeze Tubes - Squeeze the right amount of paint onto your palette every time without wasting product
  • AP-Certified Non-toxic - Gouache Paint is AP-certified, non-toxic and suitable for artists of all levels

Gouache paints are a versatile medium with a smooth and creamy consistency. They’re often referred to as “opaque watercolours” because they can be used in so many different ways. You can blend and layer them (dry or wet) to create different effects. When used without water, the paints will appear bold, opaque, and matte. Once you add water, the paint will adapt and become semi-transparent, similar to watercolour paint. Create bold washes, gradients, and dry brushed patterns to achieve interesting textures in your artwork.


The quick-drying formula allows you to continue working without waiting a long time for your layers to dry. Each shade is in a squeezable tube that allows you to dispense just the amount you need onto your palette. Use these paints on your favourite high-quality watercolour paper and try out all the different techniques. They’re perfect for decorating your art journal, creating dazzling illustrations, or using them in your mixed media pieces. From beginners to professionals, everyone can make beautiful pieces of art with these gouache paint art supplies.


Regardless of your wet medium choice, you’ll find our Gouche Premium Artist Paints easy to use and effective in bringing your artistic visions to life. Whether you’voe never painted, primarily work in acrylics, use watercolours, or are familiar with gouache paints, you’ll find this set of Gouache Premium Paints valuable to your craft. These paints feature the perfect pigmentation to make creating any work of art possible. Work on canvas panels, stretched canvas, paper, cardboard or even foam board using these versatile paints. Spend the extra time you now have at home falling in love with a new medium. Order this set of Gouache Premium Artist Paints today!

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