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EverBlend™ Ultra Art Markers- Set of 144

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  • Every Colour You Need - This bulk set features every colour imaginable so you can create immersive works of art with a wide range of colours
  • Dual Tip Markers - Markers feature both a broad chisel and a fine tip, providing true versatility  
  • Convenient Replaceable Nibs - With the help of marker tweezers, swap out the nibs whenever you need; nibs and tweezers sold separately
  • Blend Effortlessly - Alcohol-based ink allows you to blend and layer colours easily for noticeably smooth colour transitions 


The creative possibilities are endless with this set of 144 EverBlend Art Markers. Our bulk set of EverBlend Markers is designed with artists of all skill sets and backgrounds in mind. Whether you are just learning how to use alcohol-based markers or have been working with markers for decades, you’ll be impressed by the impeccable quality. This set makes a brilliant introductory set, or can be used to restock your art studio or marker collection as it includes every colour an artist could possibly need to create phenomenal works of art. 


Since this set features 144 colours to choose from, you will have no problem finding the marker your work requires. Whether you prefer to work with bright colours, greyscales or sombre shades, this set has it all!  Since this set of sketch markers is dual-tipped you will find these markers really are the go-to versatile tool to use to create impressive works of art. Use the broad chisel tip for your broader marks and the fine tip for any details or lettering. If you are new to working with this medium, there’s no need to worry, we’ve included a scannable code that will bring you to our ‘useful tips’ for working with EverBlend Art Markers. 


Spend your (extra) spare time indoors with this set of 144 EverBlend Art Markers. Whether you’re practising a meditative art exercise like doodling or completing the pages of your colouring book, you will find these markers are the perfect tool for the job. Our professional-grade art markers will encourage you to create more regularly since they are an absolute delight to deploy. Transform the pages of your sketchbook this year with this astounding set of 144 EverBlend Art Markers. 

Download the Colour Wheel here:

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