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Metallic Acrylic Markers - Set of 20

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  • Metallic Tones - This set includes 16 colours to choose from, each with an eye-catching metallic finish 
  • 2 Nibs Styles - Our metallic acrylic paint pens set of 20 features 16 plastic nib tips & 4 bullet nib tip markers 
  • Wide Variety of Surfaces - Suitable for stone, glass, wood, metal, fabric, porcelain, canvas, plastic, paper, cardboard and pottery
  • Small & Large Barrels - This set includes 16 small barrel & 4 large barrel metallic paint markers 
  • Low-Odour & Water-Based Ink - This set features AP-certified non-toxic, acid-free and low-odour 


Produce phenomenal paintings without ever touching a paint brush, thanks to Arteza’s Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20. This unique set of acrylic painting markers includes 16 markers with plastic nibs and four with bullet nib, to provide artists with true variety. Having both large and small barrel acrylic markers will assist artists in creating marks of different sizes. 


Our Metallic Acrylic Markers Set features low-odour painting markers with water-based ink. The marker's water-based ink produces smudge-resistant marks, making this set perfect for left-handed writers or enthusiastic painters. Additionally, this set of painting markers is certified non-toxic. Create dazzling paintings and signage with this set of Metallic Acrylic Markers. 


Create on a wide range of surfaces with this Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20. Our acrylic painting markers adhere beautifully to stone, glass, wood, metal, canvas, fabric, porcelain, plastic, paper, cardboard, foam board, and even pottery—making the creative opportunities endless! Create artwork that shines brighter than ever before with our Metallic Acrylic Markers Set! 

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