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Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint

Are you looking to add some sparkle to your project? Our metallic acrylic paint may be just what you’re looking for! Metallic paints offer an eye-catching element to your project. Whether you are working on a t-shirt, a unique painting, or simply looking to add some visual interest to your décor, these are the best metallic paint reflects the light with a gentle sparkle that will turn people’s heads.


What is meant by metallic paint? It refers to paint which has a metallic sheen that mimics the appearance of metal. Often, it appears pearlescent, shiny, and glittery. Each paint has an acrylic base, which means they have all the durability and versatility of regular acrylic, but with an added metallic shine.


What is the difference between metallic paint and normal paint? Although normal paint can be tinted to colours like silver and gold, it does not carry that sparkle and shine which is characteristic of metallic gold paint and silver metallic paint. Normal (acrylic) paint has a range of sheens, from flat to glossy, whereas metallic paints are always glossy and glittery. Our acrylic craft paints are available in a wider variety of pre-mixed colours than our metallic paints, but with the help of a paint palette, the only limit to colours is your imagination!


Can you use metallic paints on metal? Yes, they can be used on multiple surfaces, such as wood, metal, and canvas, and many boast that you can even do so without priming. However, priming your surface first will help the paint to adhere better and last longer, so regardless of what surface you are painting, a primer will always help! Primers for metal, wood, drywall, plaster, and other surfaces are easy to find at your local hardware store.


Our metallic paints come in easily re-closeable tubes which keep your paint fresh between uses. It is important to ensure your paint is completely sealed before storing it, to prevent it from drying out. Our caps make it easy! We sell 36 metallic paint colours for canvases and craft projects, and a separate fabric paint for t-shirt customisation and creating fun costume pieces. Can’t get enough of that metallic look? We also carry metallic markers.



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