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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Black, 22.9cm x 22.9cm - 5 Sheets

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  • Fold Your Frames - Fold your 44 x 44 cm painting into a framed 22.9 x 22.9 cm piece, ready to be mounted on a wall and displayed
  • 5 Black Sheets - Deep, black colour of the 5 sheets of DIY canvas enable your bright, neon, metallic, and pastel colours to truly pop
  • Pre-Primed Surfaces - Each canvas is pre-primed with acid-free black acrylic gesso, ideal for acrylic and oil painting 
  • 100% Cotton Surface - Ideal texture to create on, ensuring paints hang from your surface effortlessly 

Paint on canvases that transform into finished framed artworks, using our DIY Frame Black Canvases. Our 5 easy fold canvases enable you to fold your 100% cotton canvases into framed pieces ready for display. There’s no need to waste your time and money at your framer’s shop with these unique foldable framed canvases. Our canvases are each pre-primed with acid-free black acrylic gesso so you can paint the moment you receive them!


Paints adhere beautifully to our cotton canvases. Our DIY Frame Canvases black colour allow your bright, neon, pastel and metallic colours to really stand-out in comparison. Regardless of your subject, a black background always adds that extra layer of depth to your paintings. Paint on portable and foldable canvases that are designed for your paints to hang from effortlessly. 


Paint practically anywhere with our portable DIY Frame Canvases. You can easily transform your black canvas from 44 x 44 cm sheets to framed 22.9 x 22.9 cm pieces with our unique canvas paper. Encourage yourself to create artwork to use to decorate your space during your extra time at home with our DIY Frame 5 Black Canvases. Produce beautiful paintings to decorate your home with, using our easy fold canvases—grab yours today!

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