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Watercolour Paint & Water Brush Kit - 36 Colours

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  • Wide Colour Selection - Includes 36 highly-pigmented colours that are perfect for mixing, blending and layering
  • Handy Tools Included - No need for messy water cups; this kit includes a handy refillable water brush and a #3 round brush
  • Durable & Protective Case - Store your tools easily in the strong case that doubles as a palette for mixing colours
  • Washable & Non-Toxic - These quick-drying paints are non-toxic and safe for artists of all levels


Have everything you need for watercolour painting in one travel-friendly kit with this set of 36 Watercolour Paints that also includes a water brush pen and #3 round brush. Each pan of watercolours contains bold colours filled with pigment for vibrant creations. You’ll save on paint, as these watercolours are reusable; simply spritz a bit of water onto the paints to reactivate them once they dry. Use each colour alone or create your own shades when you mix them on the palette or layer them on your watercolour paper.

The paints are housed in a sturdy yet light case that is the perfect size to carry in your handbag or bookbag for painting on the go. These non-toxic paints are safe and also washable, so there’s no need to worry about staining your work area or clothing. Simply use soap and water to wash the paint away. Suitable for studio painting or for field studies, you can use this colourful kit for practising your technique or adding colour to an illustration.


Supply yourself with everything you’ll need to paint in any setting with Arteza’s Watercolour Paint and Water Brush Kit. Explore the great outdoors with a dependable watercolour palette by your side to encourage you to create still life paintings along the way. Spend time creating countless watercolour paintings outside your home this year, with this reliable, highly portable, and affordable, Watercolour Paint and Water Brush Kit.

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