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Watercolour Pad, A4, 300 gsm, 32 Sheets

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  • Premium Paper - The cold pressed watercolour paper is thick and durable, so it can withstand several washes without warping or bleeding through
  • Superb Texture - The slightly textured, or "toothy" surface makes it the ideal paper for watercolour painting—it is suitable for large, even washes and for fine detail too
  • No More Fading - Our paper is 100% acid-free, so colours stay rich & vibrant over time; preventing hue deterioration, yellowing and fading

Create stunning watercolour and mixed media paintings on the 32 sheets filling our A4 Watercolour Pad. Each sheet of watercolour paper is incredibly sturdy and can withstand several washes without warping or any paint bleeding through. Our premium watercolour paper offers artists professional-grade quality, for only a fraction of the price. Our 300 gsm watercolour paper is non-toxic and acid-free, inviting artists of all ages to create in comfort!


The acid-free paper in our watercolour sketchbooks prevents fading, hue deterioration and yellowing. Each watercolour page is perfectly textured to offer artists a ‘toothy’ surface to work on. While this paper pad is designed for watercolour techniques, you’ll find your gouache paints, markers and dry media sit beautifully on the sheets as well. 


Create gallery quality paintings without breaking your budget, using our A4 Watercolour Pad. This 32 sheet watercolour paper pad is ideal for artists of all ages, skill sets and media preferences. Spend your days producing phenomenal paintings, using the paper within our A4 Watercolour Pad! 

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