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Premium Stretched Canvas, 45.7cm x 61cm- Pack of 4



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  • Professional-Grade - Pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Excellent Texture - 100% Cotton with a medium grain, ideal for broad strokes and larger designs
  • Pine Wood Stretcher Bars - Hand-stretched over a 1.9 cm profile that can be hung without a frame
  • Wet & Dry Media - Ideal for any kind of oil, acrylic, or other wet or dry media

Express yourself on canvases that can handle your most enthusiastic brush strokes with Arteza’s Premium Stretched Canvases. This pack of stretched canvases features four 45.7 x 61 cm stretched canvases that are built to last. Each stretched canvas features a smooth, 100% cotton surface that is stretched over and stapled to durable pine wood stretcher bars. Each canvas is hand-stretched over a 1.9 cm profile that can be hung without a frame, our frames are made of durable and dependable construction.  


Each professional-grade canvas included in this affordable pack of four arrives pre-primed. We have pre-primed each canvas with three coats of animal-friendly (cruelty-free), acid-free (non-toxic), titanium acrylic gesso, making your canvases ready to use the moment you feel inspired. Since your canvases arrive pre-primed, you save yourself the time, money and energy associated with priming your canvases yourself. Our stretched canvases are ideal for wet, dry and mixed media making the creative opportunities endless! Secure your pack of four premium stretched canvases today.


Restock your studio or creative corner with all of the essentials, starting with our Premium Stretched Canvas 4-Pack. This pack of 45.7 x 61 cm canvases provides artists with well-crafted canvases suitable for wet, dry and mixed media. Their versatility  makes these canvases a brilliant choice for yourself or any loved one. Whether you’re looking to elevate your craft or invite a painter in your life to do so, you’ll be glad you secured our Premium Stretched Canvas 4-Pack!


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