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Pouring Acrylic Paint, Pastel Soft Tones, 120 ml Bottles - Set of 8

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  • Pre-mixed, Ready to Pour - This high-flow paint has the right ratio of pouring medium already mixed in, so no need to worry about prepping your paint
  • Wide Selection of Pastel Colours - Create beautiful, soft combinations of colours with the specially curated pastel shades, including Titanium White and shimmering Bronze
  • Experiment with Different Surfaces - Pour directly onto canvases, ceramics, glass, rocks, wood and more


Create whimsical pour paintings with the soft shades of colour included in our Pouring Acrylic Paint Set in Pastel Tones. The eight tones included in this set were curated to fit together beautifully, making it even easier for artists to design remarkable compositions. Whether this is your first set of pour paints or you’re looking to add pastels to your artwork, this set will make an excellent addition to your collection of pour paints.


Our Pouring Acrylic Paint Set in Pastel Tones is perfect for creatives of all levels of experience. Simply shake the pre-mixed bottle, and pour on surfaces such as canvas, wood and ceramics! The high-flowing consistency is ideal for using art tools to create intricate patterns. Additionally, the consistency of paint is optimal for mixing some of Arteza’s glitters or pigments.


Craft one of a kind pour paintings with this Pouring Acrylic Paint Set in Pastel Tones. Mix and match your colours to create paintings with beautiful colour combinations, all with this set of eight acrylic pouring paints. The pastel colour palette makes this the perfect set to ring in the summer and spring. Order your set of Pouring Acrylic Paints today!

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