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Palette Knife, #17



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  • Universal Artists' Tool - Use with acrylic, oil, tempera, gouache, and watercolour paints, as well as dry pigments, ceramics, pottery, & arts and craft projects
  • Mix & Apply Paints - Palette knives can be used for mixing and for applying paints, palette knife paint applications allow for more texture
  • Large & Unique Shape - Perfect for larger compositions 
  • Sturdy Construction - Made of stainless steel and a wooden handle, our palette knives feature a thin & flexible blade that is break-resistant


Invest in a budget-friendly, well-crafted painting and crafting tool with our #17 Palette Knife. Our premium palette knife consists of a solid wood binding that will ensure longevity and sturdiness. Additionally, the stainless steel blade featured is break-resistant, while still flexible enough for mixing and applying paints such as oil, gouache, acrylic and tempera. 


Our #17 Palette Knife helps artists achieve multiple textures and provides countless uses. The space between the handle and the blade ensures you won’t accidentally smudge your canvas. Since our palette knife features dual edges, artists are able to create different effects effortlessly; the straight edge can make precise and defined layers, while the tapered edge helps with detailed applications. 


Mix and create paints and pigments with Arteza’s #17 Palette Knife. Since this palette knife helps add layers of depth and definition to your works, artists of all backgrounds will be able to elevate their artwork easily. Add our #17 Palette Knife to your cart today, to see how this do-it-all palette knife will soon become a preferred choice for all of your paintings!

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