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Iridescent Pouring Acrylics, Vibrant Tones - Set of 4



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  • Pre-Mixed & Water-Based - Ready to pour, pre-mixed, pouring paint that comes with instructions and tips 
  • Iridescent Vibrant Tones - In the shades Fluorescent Sour Yellow, Precious Mint Green, Glittering Ocean Blue, & Storm Purple 
  • High Flowing Paints - Simply shake the bottle, mix your colours in a cup, pour your paints, and tilt your canvas back and forth to create a unique design 

Invite this vibrant Iridescent Pouring Paints Set into your life to ensure at least one spectacular pour painting in your immediate future. This set of four x 4oz iridescent acrylic pour paint bottles is perfect for artists all across the map; whether you’re a beginner or professional you’ll be able to master this medium, thanks to our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set! 


For those who are still learning how to use pouring paints, we've included detailed instructions and helpful tips—available through a scannable QR Code included on the packaging. Since our acrylic pouring paints are pre-mixed and water-based, you’ll see for yourself they are high flowing paints that can take direction. 


Try something new, or restock your collection, with our vibrant tones, Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. This professional-grade acrylic pouring paint set will soon become your favourite rainy-day activity. Get the whole family together creating unique pour painting after pour painting, with this set of pre-mixed, pouring paints. Order this set of Iridescent Pouring Paints today! 

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