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Iridescent Pouring Acrylics, Sherbet Tones - Set of 4



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  • Sherbet Colours - 4 x 4 fl oz bottles of iridescent pouring paints in green, yellow, orange, and purple 
  • Water-Based - Each bottle comes pre-mixed, saving you time, money and effort
  • High-Flow Formula - You won’t have to fight to get our pouring paints to flow effortlessly on your canvas, wood, foam board, or painting paper


Create pour painting after pour painting with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. This professional-grade acrylic pouring paint set comes complete with four (4 fl oz) bottles of iridescent pouring paint in the colours Shocking Lime Green, Dreamy Lemon Yellow, Shady Orange, and Electric Plum Purple. You can invite the entire family to create together since our pouring paints are non-toxic. 


While there are easy-to-follow instructions on the packaging of your product, we've also included helpful tips for working with this medium, available through a scannable QR Code. Dive into the relaxing world of acrylic pouring paints with this brilliant set of four, in sherbet tones. Order this set of iridescent, chameleon acrylic paints for an artist in your life!


If you've been looking for a stress and hassle-free medium to explore, look no further! Since our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set features entirely premixed paints, you’ll find this is a super fun activity that requires no measuring. Simply shake your paints, mix your colours, and pour! Secure our premium Iridescent Pouring Paint Set to ensure more relaxing days in your immediate future! 

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