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Watercolour Bundles

Watercolour Bundles

  • Portable Watercolour Frame Set

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    Travel with Your Creative Essentials - Make art on your adventures with a 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm pad of 20 DIY Frame Watercolour Sheets, 12 watercolou...

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Watercolour Bundles

Produce show-stopping watercolour illustrations and paintings with Arteza’s budget-friendly watercolour paint bundles.  Our watercolour paints feature a wide variety of vibrant colours which come in half pans or by the tube, which is then diluted by adding water for use. In order to deliver value to our customers, we offer watercolour paint bundles, which may include everything from: a variety of watercolour brushes, watercolour paints and Real Brush Pens, to specialised watercolour paper, watercolour pencils, a palette, an easel and more.    


Artists acquire all of the stylistic and technical versatility of a paintbrush in the form of a ready-to-use pen with our watercolour Real Brush Pens. Whereas, watercolour pencils enable artists to produce the gorgeous watercolour effects artists love without the hassle and clean-up typically associated with watercolour paints.  


How do you use watercolour paint? The most convenient way to apply watercolour paint is to dip your paintbrush in water, then dab the brush into your half pan of paint. The more water added to the paint, the more faint and transparent the colour becomes when painted onto the watercolour paper.  The less water you add, the more concentrated and bold the colour becomes on the paper.


Because watercolours utilise water, plain paper will break down. Therefore, it's necessary to use watercolour paper, which is specifically designed to handle the high liquid content of watercolour paints. The most affordable and efficient way to obtain all the materials needed for watercolour painting is to identify the ideal Watercolour Paint Bundle within our site. 


What is the best watercolour paint for beginners? When learning to watercolour painting, you'll want to keep it simple. The ideal watercolour paint set for beginners is one that markets as watercolour for kids. You'll usually find these sets to have dried watercolour concentrate in a circle or half pans, and you simply add water with your brush to begin painting. Typically these sets are more affordable when you are learning and figuring out if you enjoy working with this medium. Watercolour kits for kids are also great gifts and fun activity for the entire family. 


How to use watercolour tubes? Watercolour tubes may sound intimidating, but just think of the paint in the tubes as concentrated colour. Basically, you'll simply need to water the colour down to the shade or opacity you desire. For this, you'll put a small (usually pea sized) dab of the concentrated watercolour paint onto a palette, and then, using either a wet paintbrush or a few small sprays of water, add the water to the paint. Arteza offers a watercolour paint bundle with a mixing palette included. Enjoy your journey of watercolour painting by selecting a bundle today.