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Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes - Set of 12



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  • Acrylic & Oil Brush Set - This versatile set of 12 premium paintbrushes can be used for acrylic & oil paint, as well as with  gouache, tempera & watercolour paints 
  • Set of 12 Paint Brushes - Each paintbrush included in this extensive set features a unique shape designed to make painting all brush strokes easy 
  • Synthetic Hair Brushes - Our paint brushes are made from synthetic hair, brass ferrule, and birch wood, making them cruelty-free (animal-friendly)
  • Easy to Clean - Reuse the paintbrushes in this acrylic brush set time and time again; since they are easy to clean, you will find this set is a long-lived addition to your collection 


Elevate your craft by upgrading to this set of 12 premium acrylic and oil paintbrushes. Our acrylic and oil brush set includes three round brushes (sizes 1, 4, and 8), two angle brushes (sizes 5 and 10), two filbert brushes (sizes 2 and 7), two flat brushes (sizes 6 and 11), one cat’s tongue brush (size 8), one fan brush (size 8), and one rigger brush (size 0), offering artists true variety in their brushes. Our acrylic and oil brush set is designed with acrylic and oil paints in mind, however, you can also use them with your tempera, gouache and watercolour paints if you’d like. Our acrylic brush set features professional-grade paintbrushes that spread paints smoothly to make painting hassle-free. 


Each paintbrush featured in this paintbrush set is made of synthetic hair, brass ferrule and birch wood, providing you with paintbrushes that are built to last. The brass ferrule featured on each paintbrush included in this artist paintbrush set is rust-resistant, to ensure these brushes are a long-lived addition to your paintbrush collection. Our paint brushes are easy to clean and are noticeably durable, inviting you to paint with full enthusiasm, if you’d like. Produce museum-worthy paintings with these dependable acrylic brushes. 


Allow the painting to be even easier by securing a set of our 12 premium acrylic and oil paint brushes. The 12 paintbrushes that make up this refined brush set are easy to work with and will assist you in creating paintings you’re truly proud of. If you are new to painting, there’s no need to worry, we’ve included a scannable code when scanned with your electronic device (tablets, phones, etc.) that will bring you to our helpful tips list for working with these brushes. Whether you’re a professional painter or just learning how to paint, you’ll be glad you secured this set of acrylic and oil paint brushes; order yours today!

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