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Gouache Paint, Earth Tones, 12mL Tubes - Set of 12



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  • Earth Tones - The perfect set of gouache colours for painting landscapes, seascapes and scenes of nature 
  • 12ml Paint Tubes - Filled with pigment-packed creamy and super blendable gouache paint which can easily be diluted with water to create watercolour effects 
  • Completely Non-Toxic - Our gouache paints are AP-certified non-toxic, making them fit for artists of all levels 
  • Helpful Tips - Scan the QR Code included on the packaging of your gouache paint set to learn some helpful tips for working with gouache paints 

Painting seascapes and landscapes can be challenging when you’re working with bright colours that aren’t often found in nature which is why we've designed our Earth Tones Gouache Set. Painting nature scenes is far less time-consuming when you’re working with the carefully curated selection of colours featured in our Earth Tones Gouache Set! 

Our gouache paints are AP-certified non-toxic. Each 12ml gouache paint tube is labelled with its colour name/number, lightfastness rating and transparency level to make your life even easier. Create in practically any setting with this portable set of 12 Earth Tones Gouache Paints.  

Now is the best time to invest in this affordable, professional-grade Earth Tones Gouache Set. With summer in full bloom, now is the perfect time to create direct observational studies of the great outdoors. Set up for the afternoon at your local park, beach, lake, pond or river with our Earth Tones Gouache Set and your favourite watercolour paper pad. 

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