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Gouache Painting Supplies

Gouache Painting Supplies

Gouache Painting Supplies

Looking for gouache paint supplies?  Gouache is a water-based paint that has several advantages over other paint types. First, it is opaque. While watercolour paint absorbs into the page, gouache will coat the surface, allowing you to completely cover any image that was previously visible on your piece. Next, it is water soluble, which means that it can be diluted to change the consistency and opaqueness of each layer. Finally, it is touch dry in 20 minutes or less, making it useful for plein air painting. We love using gouache paint in our own art and we think you will, too. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!


What do you need to paint with gouache?... To paint with gouache you will need a palette, brushes, water, paint, and a painting surface. You should use thick, quality watercolour paper. Cold press (textured) or hot press (smooth) paper is fine, though some artists will also use canvas. It is the quality of your paint that’s most important because low-quality paint won’t be as richly pigmented or opaque.


What is the difference between gouache and watercolour paint?... There are some key differences between gouache and watercolour paint. Gouache paint is thick and opaque; light does not reflect off the paper as it will when using watercolours. Gouache paint can be used like an acrylic straight from the tube, or like a watercolour when diluted. When dry, the gouache has a matte finish, while watercolour appears more luminous. This makes it a more flexible medium than watercolour and a favourite with professional artists.


What brushes to use with gouache?... Watercolour brushes work very well with gouache paint, though you can use any type of artist’s brush. Sable brushes offer consistent results with a streak-free finish. You can use gouache paint with water to create a diluted solution. When using water, wet your brush and mix the wet tip into the dob of paint. This will dilute your gouache and create the consistency you need.


If you are looking for a variety of gouache art supplies then you are in the right place. We offer a fantastic range of gouache paint sets, as well as the proper brushes, paper and palettes.


Whether you are buying for yourself or an artist you favor, our gouache paint is premium grade with a high viscosity and excellent opaque properties. It offers a streak-free finish and is beautiful to work with. Order you gouache paint supplies today.