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Mixing and Splashing with Peter Terrin

Mixing and Splashing with Peter Terrin


Peter Terrin, a professional acrylic painter, is one of Arteza's Fuel Your Creativity artists. Read his artist profile article here to learn more about Peter's background and inspiration. As the last step in Peter's paintings, he uses Arteza's Acrylic Pouring Paint and Palette Knives to create splashes on the surface of his canvas. To learn these techniques, tips, and tricks Peter has learned along the span of his artistic career, keep reading! 



List of Supplies:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Acrylic pouring paint 
  • Palette knife
  • A canvas 
  • A paint brush 


Splashing Technique


Peter always adds splashes of colour into his artwork as a final step. Peter slightly dilutes Arteza's Pouring Paint with water to create this mixture and mixes it with a palette knife. Using that palette knife, Peter then splashes the canvas's area until he is satisfied with the final result. Arteza's liquid pouring paint is pre-mixed and ready to use, so no dilution is needed; however, if you wish to create a more fluid paint application like Peter's, then Arteza's Pouring Paint is perfect for the job. Peter Terrin has chosen a selection of Pouring Paints to include in his Acrylic Paint Favourites Bundle



Mixing Technique 


Through Peter's years of self-taught painting experience, he has learned many techniques through exploration. One of Peter's most important tips is for a vital for every artist: mixing colours. Peter always starts mixing with the light colour and slowly adds in the darker colour. For example, if you're looking to create a gray tone, begin with white first. By adding small amounts of black paint to the white until you achieve the desired shade of gray, you'll be saving so much more paint in the long run. Peter also uses this technique when creating and mixing unique colours of his own.



Preserving your Paint 


Since the canvases Peter works with are so large, he lays out huge piles of paint on his workspace while he is painting. However, if he has to go to lunch or step away for an extended time, he always covers his acrylic paints in plastic wrap; otherwise, they would dry out. Peter finds that this method can preserve the life of your acrylic paint for two days. This helpful method enables Peter to keep creating big compositions without wasting valuable supplies and can also be done with any palette you may use in designing your own artwork!




Did Peter Terrin's painting techniques inspire you to grab a large canvas, some acrylic paints, and a palette knife and create something beautiful? Share with us how these tips have Fueled Your Creativity, and stay tuned all summer for more inspiration from our Fuel Your Creativity featured artists! Don't forget to grab the two Peter Terrin Arteza painting bundles available only for a limited time! 


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Starter Bundle

The Peter Terrin Acrylic Paint Starter Bundle includes our Acrylic Paint Tubes Set of 12, three paint brushes (round, angle, and flat), a plastic paint palette, a paint knife, a 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm Acrylic Pad, and a swag bundle including a thank you note packet featuring an artist print.


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Favourites Bundle

The Peter Terrin Acrylic Paint Favourites Bundle includes our Rainbow Spectrum Tones Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 8, Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 14, #25 and #34 Palette Knives Set of 2, and a swag bundle.


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