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Artist Profile: Peter Terrin

Artist Profile: Peter Terrin



Meet Peter Terrin, a 48 year old Belgian artist who captures emotion and feeling through his artwork. Currently, Peter is residing in Mexico where he’s found a whole new palette of colours to use to create. At the age of 33, Peter became a professional artist, prior to that he spent many nights socializing as an entertainer/MC which inevitably helps him in his current profession. Peter’s found inspiration from the beautiful setting that Mexico provides, from the turquoise colour of the ocean to the colours of tropical flowers. The family-oriented, funny yet humble culture in Mexico also helped Peter feel at home. You can find Peter’s on Instagram @Peter_Terrin_Art and on YouTube under TerrinArt


Peter recalls his journey as an artist starting when he was 6-8 years old; his mother was a hobby painter, so he was accustomed to drawing and painting in his free-time as a child. Since his parents didn’t believe in art school, he went to school for textile designs; though he had no desire for a career in textile designs, he appreciated the hours it required drawing and painting. When he was 33 years old he took a leap of faith turning his love of art into a profession. While there were some days at the start that he may have fit the term ‘starving artist’ he embraces those days now looking back as it was all part of his journey and helps him to realize how far he’s come. Good thing he stuck with it because his art portfolio is truly one of a kind! 


Peter defines his artwork now as “a modern style of impressionism”. He uses heavybody acrylics, applied on canvases with palette knives of all different sizes and shapes to create unique textures. Peter loves the texture and heavybody of Arteza’s Acrylic Premium Paints and the unique shapes of our Palette Knives. He especially appreciates the unique colour selection available at He notes, “With some basic colours I can make the colours that I need, but Arteza has colours that are very difficult to make. Like they have certain kinds of pinks, turquoise… Arteza has these colours, they have a bright range of bright colours that you don’t actually have to mix.” Additionally, Peter is a big fan of our Pouring Acrylic Paints.



Peter’s refreshing outlook travels far beyond his canvases, his optimistic attitude is as bright as the colours that make up his paintings. Peter remarked that his response to the question ‘what is the best painting he’s ever made?’ is always “the one I’m going to make tomorrow”. He is always pushing to creatively go the extra mile and outdo himself, which definitely comes across when you review the stunning paintings he’s created thus far. Peter’s mentality towards creating specifically is put in the extra hours, keep going, and practice, practice, practice! We hope this artist profile has fueled your creativity!  Be sure to order Peter's limited edition Acrylic Paint Starter Bundle and Acrylic Paint Favourite Bundle while supplies last.



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Starter Bundle

The Peter Terrin Acrylic Paint Starter Bundle includes our Acrylic Paint Tubes Set of 12, three paint brushes (round, angle, and flat), a plastic paint palette, a paint knife, a 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm Acrylic Pad, and a swag bundle including a thank you note packet featuring an artist print.


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Favourites Bundle

The Peter Terrin Acrylic Paint Favourites Bundle includes our Rainbow Spectrum Tones Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 8, Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 14, #25 and #34 Palette Knives Set of 2, and a swag bundle.


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