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Exciting New Arrivals

Exciting New Arrivals

Kick off 2022 the creative way, with some of our newest launches! If you’re looking to try out a new medium, restock your current and evergrowing arts and crafts supplies collection, or surprise an artist in your life with some new products, look no further than our New Arrivals Collection! Create your own jewelry, figurines and even home decor with our new polymer clay packs (Single Colour Oven-Bake Clay). Jot down every creative idea, inspirational quote or poem you come up with on the pages that fill our premium notebooks (Lavender Fields Design Lined Journals Pack of 2). Bullet journals are ideal for artists, DIYers, crafers and creative people who prefer subtle structure from their notebook paper—use our Bird Design Bullet Journals Pack of 2 to get all of your creative thoughts, sketches and ideas out on paper. For artists who prefer completely blank sketchbook paper, we recommend our super portable, stylish and well-crafted Tree Design Sketch Journals Set of 2. Commit to sketching, writing, drawing or creating with clay on a more frequent basis, start by stocking up with our latest arrivals; for more information on our latest and greatest arrivals, keep reading!

Oven-Bake Clay, 2lb - Single Colour

Oven-Bake Clay, 2lb - Single Colour — Just imagine all that you can craft with such a plentiful supply of polymer clay in your collection! Currently available in the colours Titanium White and Dolphin Grey, our oven-bake clay makes a brilliant addition to any clay crafter’s collection. Most artists run out of white clay fast, since it’s often used to lighten the colour of other clays, which is why it’s smart to stock up (in advance) on all the white polymer clay you’ll need with this 2 lb pack. Craft everything from one of a kind clay jewelry to magnets to desktop organizers with our super versatile packs of oven-bake clay. Since our oven-bake clay is certified non-toxic, noticeably blendable and soft, this 2 lb pack makes a great gift for artists of all ages and creative backgrounds. Whether you work with polymer clay on a regular basis or you’re looking to try something new, our Single Colour Oven-Bake Clay is just what you need. Stock up on polymer clay for an affordable rate with this 2 lb Single Colour Oven-Bake Clay pack!

Bullet Journals, Bird Design, Dotted - Set of 2

Bullet Journals, Bird Design, Dotted - Set of 2 — Bullet journals provide less structure than a lined notebook journal but the ideal amount of structure for drawing, sketching, illustrating, designing and doodling. Some students, writers and professionals actually prefer to take notes on dotted paper as it provides more space to write, equate and create. Our Bird Design Bullet Journals Set of 2 is perfect for anyone looking for a highly portable, sleek and reliable journal to take with them wherever they go. Whether you’re an artist, DIYer, crafter, student, educator or working professional, this is the journal set for you! Each journal includes an expandable inner pocket, which comes in handy when storing receipts, cash, business cards, museum tickets and other small scrap papers. Additionally, our bullet journals come complete with a ribbon bookmark. The 96 sheets that fill each notebook in this set are completely acid-free and non-toxic, to protect you and the integrity of your artwork and journal entries for years to come. Treat yourself, or someone special in your life, to this must-have journal set!

Lined Journals, Lavender Field Design - Pack of 2

Lined Journals, Lavender Field Design - Pack of 2 — Transcribe your creative ideas the moment they come to you with this lined journals pack. Our Lavender Field Design Lined Journals Pack of 2 makes a lovely gift for anyone who could use a new set of journals. Whether you’re looking to take up journaling, scripting, poetry or are just in need of a reliable set of journals, look no further than this professional-grade pack of two. Our notebook paper is completely acid-free and non-toxic, to preserve the integrity of your work for years to come. Whether you’re writing the next best novel, taking notes or writing journal entries, you’re sure to make great use of this well-crafted journal set. Each journal included in this budget-friendly set features a ribbon bookmark and an expandable inner pocket—to store your scrap papers, receipts and other small items while you travel. Start 2022 with this new journal set by your side, order yours while supplies last!

Sketch Journals, Tree Design - Set of 2

Sketch Journals, Tree Design - Set of 2 — Sketch any and everywhere you find yourself, with our Tree Design Sketch Journals Set of 2. This premium set of sketchbooks is ideal for anyone looking to sketch, draw and create more frequently this year. Each of the sketchbook sheets that fill our sketch journals are acid-free and feature a noticeably smooth surface, ideal for dry media. Their sewn binding ensures you’ll never lose a sheet of precious sketchbook paper while creating on the go, and the convenient ribbon bookmark ensures you’ll keep track of where you left off. Our sketch journals also include an expandable inner pocket, added for your convenience. The durable covers on each sketchbook makes it easier to create while on the go, so you can sketch in comfort while on the train, bus or in the park. Supply yourself with this Tree Design Sketch Journals Set of 2, so you can create sketches, drawings and designs anywhere you feel inspired.

Stock up on all of the journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, and polymer clay you need to express yourself freely! Our New Arrivals Collection is constantly being updated, so be sure to check in every few days to stay up to date on our latest arrivals. Whether you’re committed to sketching, journaling or creating everyday, or you’re simply looking to replace your current journal, be sure to invest in one of our new journal sets. If you’ve yet to experience the absolute joy that is working with polymer clay, grab a pack of our 2 lb Single Colour Oven-Bake Clay, while supplies last. Make 2022 your most creative year yet, start by supplying yourself with our newest arrivals. Be sure to browse our New Arrivals Collection to familiarize yourself with more of our newest arts, crafts, home and office supplies!

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