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Best Videos for Making Acrylic Art

Best Videos for Making Acrylic Art

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Improve Your Acrylic Paintings with These Videos

If you’ve longed to improve your painting with acrylics or for new and innovative acrylic painting ideas, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. We’ve gathered together our top videos to create a resource library of tutorials that we’re sure will teach and inspire you. Bookmark this page and come back to it again and again as you expand your acrylic art repertoire.

7 Art Inspiration Videos

How to Make Glowing Art

Using Arteza Acrylic Paint, the artist in this video shows you how to get stellar neon light effects with acrylics. She’ll take you through all the steps from sketching to painting to finishing, demonstrating painting techniques, creating shadows on the face, and making the magical glow of neon. This painting is a great example of the versatility of acrylics to produce dramatic results. You can actually feel the glow of the neon as if this girl is experiencing the city’s lights and nightlife.

Fluid Art: Pouring Techniques for Beginners

Fluid art is all the rage right now. This video will give you three no-fail techniques to create an amazing abstract painting using Arteza’s specially formulated Pouring Acrylic Paint . Perfect for beginners, you’ll be able to try your hand at Dirty Pouring, the Flip Cup technique, or the Tree Rings method. No messy paint mediums to add, as this paint is premixed and ready to pour for creating your own custom creations.

Metallic Wave Painting

Remember, no one starts out as a professional artist, but if you watch painting tutorials like this one and keep practicing, you’ll be on your way. This video teaches the basics of painting a wave using Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint. For first-timers and experienced artists alike, this tutorial demonstrates the process of creating a wave and the techniques used to make it come to life, as the metallic paint gives the feeling of glistening water.

Step-by-Step Painting a Chromatic Portrait

If you want to learn how to paint with acrylics, then this video will inspire you and give you some new ideas and colour combinations to try. Using the Arteza Premium Acrylic Paints, the artist gives you a great demonstration of the versatility of the medium as she creates thin washes, adds highlights and shadows, and creates textures using the palette knife. She hasn’t limited herself to traditional colours for this portrait but has used brilliant shades of pinks, yellows, and greens to really liven up the girl’s face. She also hasn’t been shy about how much paint she uses, so don’t be afraid to really add on the layers to yours. This happy colour scheme will make you want to get started right away!

Creating a Mini Masterpiece

Who says a tiny canvas can’t leave a big impression? In this timelapse video, you’ll watch how the artist paints a highly detailed portrait on a ”4x4” Mini Stretched Canvas using Arteza Acrylic Paint . Using a limited palette, he creates a portrait of a woman’s face that will have heads turning to get a better look. We’re sure it will make you take a second look at using these tiny canvases to paint your own mini-masterpiece.

Nature Painting

Watch as the artist turns a blank canvas into a beautiful landscape painting in this timelapse video. Using one of the canvases from our Canvas Panel Multi-Pack, he demonstrates how to create all the elements of a successful landscape painting into the foreground, middle, and background. You’ll watch as he adds detail, texture, and depth to create a scene that’s tranquil and uplifting.

Learn How to Make Pouring Art with This Simple Step-by-Step

Who would have thought that a hairdryer could be used as an artist’s tool? Not us, until we saw artist Celeste Jones use one in her acrylic paint pouring artwork. This video shares with you her unusual, but effective, technique. Watch as the magic happens when she uses Pouring Acrylic Paint in multiple layers and then blows it across and off the canvas to get incredible abstract effects.

Now that you’ve watched the videos and gotten some ideas, it’s time to get out your paints, brushes, and canvases and get started! We’d love to know which video was your favourite. Leave us a comment so everyone can see and compare their favourites, too!

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